Annual Used Gear Sale

Annual Used Gear/ Trade-in Trade-up Sale


Saturday & Sunday

August 27th & 28th

 Everyone is welcome to attend this trade-in trade-up event.
It is a great chance to get gear you need at a bargain price,
or clear your closet of gear you no longer use!
If you have any gear you would like to sell or trade-up,
we are now accepting gear for the sale.
Bring it in as soon as possible!


 Here is how it works: You bring in any gear that you want to get rid of, and we will help you determine a fair price for your items.  We will then put the items out for sale on Saturday and Sunday.  If you want to take your proceeds from the items we sell for you as a store credit, you will recieve 80% of the sale price.  If you want to simply take the money and run, you will recieve a check for 60% of the sale price.  All items that are not sold must be picked up within 3 weeks.  Credits will remain on your in-store account until used.  Checks will be issued within 2 weeks.  

And in case you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Used Gear…
We will be offering discounts on in-store merchandise as well

Everything in the store 15% to 50% OFF!