Blue Hole Weekend

Come Join Us For a Weekend of Diving at the Blue Hole in New Mexico!
We’re heading out this weekend May 16th & 17th
The Blue Hole is a great way to get in some diving with a quick weekend trip.
Stop in for more information!

THE BLUE HOLE: Approximately 80’ in diameter and 50-87’ deep, the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM is an ideal location to do your specialty dives. The water is Artesian fed and flows thru the Blue Hole at a rate of 9 million gallons per day and is completely exchanged every 8 hours. This clear, fresh water has visibility of 50’ to 80’ and a constant temperature year round of 61 degrees warmer than the beaches of Southern California! With easy entry and exit points, picnic grounds and a favorable climate, your weekend at the Blue Hole will be a fun and memorable time.