BOOK SIGNING–The Scuba Snobs’ Guide to Diving Etiquette

We will be having a Book Signing for the newly released book from Dennis and Debra Jacobson, “The Scuba Snobs’ Guide to Diving Etiquette”. 

Please join us on June 25th at Underwater Phantaseas

From 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Pick up a copy and get it signed by the authors. 

            The Scuba Snobs’ Guide to Diving Etiquette  is  filled with humorous to hilarious  stories illustrating the need for “rules”  of etiquette for scuba divers, above and below the water.  The tips for divers are spot on, the stories entertaining, and the net result is a delightful little read that anyone, not only divers, can enjoy.  From packing to puking, swim wear to story telling, boats to buoyancy, the authors’ stories and rules illuminate every facet of diving and dive travel. This book is fresh, insightful, entertaining and not too long.

About the Authors. 

Between them the authors have over 22 years of recreational diving experience, including hundreds of dives in the Caribbean, Pacific, and fresh water venues. Dennis has held the professional rating of Divemaster since 2000.  Debbie is a former English and journalism teacher who, when not travelling to dive or writing,  works in and manages Dennis’ law office.  Dennis practices law and works part time out of our favorite dive center, Underwater Phantaseas of Lakewood, Colorado. Someday they hope to be full time Scuba Snobs, or scuba bums, or just retire near warm saltwater dive sites.