Cozumel 2012

We have been having a great time here in Cozumel. We had rainy weather today with the promise of more tomorrow, but it has not stopped the diving. It has made the boat rides more interesting though.

This is a Splendid Toad Fish peculiar to Cozumel, Mexico. We saw two of these on our second dive today.

Arrow crabs are very cool little crustaceans that usually sit patiently while having their photo taken.

My second dive today was filled with eels. This brown spotted variety was the third of four I spotted.

I can not remember the name of this species of fish, but there are plenty of them around here.

This a Doctor Fish. They are all around on the reefs here. This one had no problem with my taking this photo. I never noticed the rainbow colors around their eyes before.

Groups of coral like this are a common sight on the reefs here in Cozumel. this one was down around 80 feet.

We have seen lots of these giant crabs down here. I encountered this bad boy in near total darkness in a tunnel. A fellow diver held a light on it so I could focus.

Dive master Jill Prosser takes a pose during our dive on the wreck of  a Navy destroyer.

We had excellent viz during our dive to the wreck on Wednesday. Britany posed for this shot from the bridge.

This is a Queen Angelfish. See the blue crown on her head?
Males have a yellow crown.

An enormous turtle was accompanied by two very large Grey Angelfish as he ate his way across the reef. The turtle was easily four feet long.

Later in the day, we encountered the same trio still eating their way across the reef.