Emergency First Response (EFR)

Someone suddenly needs emergency medical aid. Do you know how to help? Maybe it’s time to learn. In as little as eight hours, Emergency First Response can show you how to save someone’s life using basic first aid and CPR.

Getting certified in First Aid and CPR has never been so simple. You will learn the same emergency aid techniques used by paramedics and doctors, but at a layman’s level. In addition to CPR, you will learn how to administer first aid properly while effectively using the most up-to-date methods. And, remember that Emergency First Response meets PADI’s Rescue Diver requirements for CPR.

The Automated External Defibrillator Training teaches you how to provide care for a person who experiences sudden cardiac arrest in any setting.

You could save a life. Be the one how knows what to do. Take Emergency First Response.



  • The course is approximately 8 hours of classroom training

COURSE FEE:……………………$75.00


  • Emergency First Response Student Manual ($18.95)
  • EFR Student Video ($37.60)
  • PADI certification fee ($24.10)

EFR Class 2015 Dates: (6-10 pm)

January 5th & 7th
February 2nd & 4th
March 2nd & 4th
April 6th & 8th
May 4th & 6th
June 1st & 3rd
June 30th & July 1st
July 27th & 29th
September 1st & 2nd
October 5th & 7th
November 2nd & 4th
December 14th & 16th


EFR Class 2016 Dates: (6-10 pm)

January 4th & 6th
February 8th & 10th
March 7th & 9th
April 4th & 6th
May 9th & 11th
June 6th & 8th
July 5th & 6th
August 8th & 10th
September 6th & 7th
October 3rd & 5th
November 7th & 9th
December 5th & 7th