Scuba Review Course

If you’re a certified diver, but it’s been awhile since you’ve been diving, the PADI Scuba Review is for you.  Scuba Review helps you tune up your diving skills without having to repeat an entire scuba course. It reacquaints you with diving so that you’re back in the underwater world in less than a day.
Do you remember how to plan repetitive dives? What are the best ways to determine how much weight you need? The PADI Scuba Review program answers these questions and many more. It’s for divers of all levels and certifications, designed to review and enhance what you’ve already learned in a simple, self-paced format.
Scuba Review includes a supervised pool session with a PADI professional who will help you tune up important diving skills such as buoyancy and breath control, equipment assemble and breathing from an alternate air source.


The class is approximately 3 hours in duration, with 1 hour in the classroom and 2 hours in the pool. Everything is provided including scuba gear, instruction, and pool time.


  • PADI Scuba Tune-up guidebook at a cost of $25.05. This is an easy and fun guide to brushing up on your diving knowledge with six self-guided sections and special features on topics such as computer diving and environmental awareness. We recommend you pick up this book and review it before the class.
COURSE FEE: $60.00/person
After completing Scuba Review, you’re rewarded a recognition decal for your certification card. It shows dive centers, resorts, and dive boats that you’ve updated your skills. You’ll also have renewed confidence to once again enjoy the fun and adventure that’s unique to scuba diving.

(Course times all 6-9pm)

2015 Dates

January 2 (Fri)
January 28 (Wed)
February 13 (Fri)
March 6 (Fri)
March 17 (Tues)
April 1 (Wed)
April 14 (Tues)
April 29 (Wed)
May 15 (Fri)
May 27 (Wed)
June 5 (Fri)
June 16 (Tues)
July 1 (Wed)
July 29 (Wed)
August 14 (Fri)
August 26 (Wed)
September 11 (Fri)
September 23 (Wed)
October 2 (Fri)
October 28 (Wed)
November 13 (Fri)
November 25 (Wed)
December 8 (Tues)
December 21 (Mon)


2015 Dates
January 17 & 18 – Homestead Crater, Utah
February 14 & 15 – Homestead Crater, Utah
March 14 & 15 – Homestead Crater, Utah
April 18 & 19 – Homestead Crater, Utah
May 16 & 17 – Bluehole, New Mexico
June 13 & 14 – Aurora Reservoir
June 27 & 28 – Aurora Reservoir
July 11 & 12 – Aurora Reservoir
July 25 & 26 – Aurora Reservoir
August 8 & 9 – Aurora Reservoir
August 29 & 30 – Aurora Reservoir
September 12 & 13 – Aurora Reservoir
October 10 & 11 – Bluehole, New Mexico
November 14 & 15 – Homestead Crater, Utah
December 12 & 13 – Homestead Crater, Utah