Equipment Specialist

Learn to make those necessary repairs and adjustments to all of your scuba gear through our PADI Equipment Specialty course. You will observe the disassembly and assembly of first and second stages, octopus and gauges, and repair the valves and inflators on a BCD.

By properly maintaining your gear, as shown in this class, you will be able to avoid most minor problems.  If a problem does occur on a trip, the skills learned in this course may save a dive, by allowing you to make minor repairs on your equipment.

 Course Includes:

– All classroom time

– Instruction by a PADI Equipment Specialist Instructor (scheduled privately as necessary)

– All necessary tools for use during the course

 Course Materials Required:

– Scuba Equipment Repair and Maintenance manual – $19.95

– PADI certification fee of $39.45 to process your C-Card

 Course Fee: $50.00

Bring your gear and come join us for an informative and enjoyable time.  Anyone can learn to make minor repairs and maintain their scuba gear!  Plus, knowing how your gear functions makes you a more confident diver .  Even if it saves only one day of diving, this course is a must!