Night Diver

The PADI Night Diver course is designed to introduce you to night diving and help one develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to participate in night diving activities.


*  12 years of age or older

*  PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent


*  Home study and viewing of PADI video cassette and Night Diver manual

*  3 open water dives or 2 open water dives if you are PADI Advanced Open Water certified

*  Review and briefing at open water dive site

Topics covered will include:

*  Planning, organization and hazards of night diving

*  Buoyancy control, navigation and communication

*  Use of dive light and buddy-system

*  Disorientation and emergency procedures

*  Orientation to nocturnal aquatic life


Three open water dives with a certified PADI instructor are required to complete the PADI Night Diver Specialty course.  Open waters are available at the Blue Hole, Homestead Crater, or locally at the Aurora Reservoir – see schedule

COURSE FEE:  $150.00


*  Briefing and review of course at open water dive site

*  Three open water dives with a certified PADI instructor

*  Tanks, weights, and weight belts for the open water dives

*  10% discount on all diving equipment purchased during your term as a student (course      materials, sale items and equipment rentals excluded).


*  Night Diving video and manual – $73.65

*  Diving gear for the open water dives – BCD, regulator, wet suit, etc. (but may be rented)

*  Transportation, meals, and accommodations for the open water dives

*  Underwater Dive Lite

*  PADI certification fee of $39.45