Underwater Photography

The PADI Underwater Phantaseas Photography Specialty class is designed to increase the divers enjoyment of underwater still photography. In this course we will familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of underwater still photography.


*  12 years of age or older

*  PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent

* Own an underwater camera


*  1 classroom session

* 2 open water dives

*  1 photo review session

Topics covered will include:

*  Basic camera components

*  Camera electronics

*  Camera preparation

*  Photography basics

*  Equipment care including housing and strobe

*  Camera and strobe performance checks

*  First aid for flooded camera

*  Packing your photo equipment for travel

Pool Session:

* Photo Buoyancy

* Bracketing

* Strobe position

*  Camera position

*  Back scatter prevention

*  In water distance


Two open water dives are required to complete your PADI rating in open water photography. These dives may be conducted with us here at Underwater Phantaseas on one of our local open water weekends, or you may choose to do it on vacation. Simply shoot two rolls using the skill sand techniques you learned in your course and bring the results back to you instructor for evaluation. A PADI instructor need not accompany you on your two open water dives.

COURSE FEE:  $125.00


*  1 classroom session

*  1 pool session

*  2 open water dives

* 1 photo review session

*  Tanks, weights and weight belts

*  10% discount on all diving equipment purchased during your term as a student (course

materials, sale items and equipment rentals excluded)


*  PADI Digital Underwater Photography Pak – $57.10

*  Camera equipment

*  PADI certification fee of $39.45