Cozumel June 2011

Here is the first set of photos from the trip to Cozumel. We are staying at the Fiesta Americana resort and diving with Dive House. The water is warm and clear, the dives are spectacular and the food is great. I hope you enjoy these photos from Mark Bailey as much as we are enjoying our trip.

A large turtle on Planancar Reef.


Palancar swim through. Spectacular topography on the Tuesday morning dive. Endless swim throughs and caverns to explore.


A long tunnel on Palancar Tuesday morning.


Despite his imposing appearance, this fellow actually is not very big.

Jill Prosser, Skip and Mary Haratun at the end of the second dive Tuesday.


This is the sea wall along the beach at Fiesta Americana

This is the roof of the Reef Restaurant at the Fiesta Americana



Jill just hanging out and doing a safety stop after the second dive Tuesday.


This giant grouper was hanging out under and overhang Monday. Lots of groupers on the reefs, this one was perhaps four feet long.


This pair of large grey angelfish were among many pairs we saw Tuesday on the second dive.


This fellow was posing comfortably for me on the second dive Monday.


This little beauty was front and center on the first dive Monday morning. I never noticed the nealrly transparent dorsal fin between the two lareg white fins before taking this photo.


These are everywhere down here, perhaps 16 inches in the body, and usually willing to pose for photos.