Dominica Photos by Mark Bailey

This is the first post in our new collection of photos! Check out more photos in the future here.

Arrow Crab

This is an arrow crab and is only a few inches across the widest part.


Fishing boats

Not all the action is underwater. These boats were recently painted and waiting on the beach outside a restaurant here we went for lunch one afternoon.


Juvenile drum

The Juvenile Drum fish looks completely different from the adults. This body on this one is about the size of a dime. Adults loose the long flowing fins.


Moray Eel

This is a small example of a Green Moray Eel. There were plenty of these in Dominica.


Dominica is a beautiful Island. This was taken from the balcony of our room at the Fort Young Hotel


Derek Prosser, left, shows off his wildlife encounter skills with a small puffer fish.


Biologists classify this species as an "odd shaped swimmer." I think it's beautiful and I was very happy to get a picture of this shy trunk fish.