Buyer Beware

There are a few companies online that do not have your best interests in mind. Blatantly, they could care less if you are safe! They are only concerned with selling you scuba equipment, after they get their money, they are long gone.

Read these startling facts about what can happen…

– Did you know that a relatively well known online scuba retailer had purchased regulators from a 3rd world country and had them forge a “ScubaPro” emblem on them. They then sold these regulators to unsuspecting divers, at nearly half the price of a real ScubaPro regulator? This information only became available after someone was seriously hurt! (By the way, ScubaPro does not allow its “authorized dealers” to sell their products on the web!)

– Did you know that if you purchase equipment from an unauthorized company your warranty is completely void? Worse yet, normally to protect themselves these shady companies will remove the registration card and serial numbers entirely.

What does this mean for you? Well, now you have a piece of equipment which has no manufacturer’s warranty, and if the manufacturer determines that there is a problem/recall with the piece of equipment, you will NOT be notified! Even if you find out about the problem, there is a good chance you won’t know what make and model of scuba gear you own!

Equipment Manufacturers that do NOT allow the sale of their products via the internet:

Aqulalung, SUUNTO, ScubaPro, Atomic Aquatics and many others.

Beware of any retailer that offers to sell and ship life supporting products by mail, for orders placed by phone or the internet. These retailers are NOT authorized dealers.

Beware of sites that tell you the equipment doesn’t have a manufacturer’s warranty, but that the item is warranted by their company. Some warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on!

By purchasing products from an authorized dealer, such as Underwater Phantaseas, you are guaranteed they are 100% authentic products. When purchasing from us, we help insure your safety, as well as the maintenance and longevity of your product.