New Gallery: Indonesia and Komodo Island

Underwater Phantaseas traveled to Komodo Island in Indonesia during October of 2008 aboard the Komodo Dancer.  You will notice there are no photos of people. That’s because I don’t have their permission to use them.  Also I didn’t really get any good shots of the dragons, so no dragons either. All photos by Mark Bailey.

Setting Sail

We traveled under sail only once near the end of the trip and only for about 90 minutes.

No idea what this is, but I found it walking along the black-sand bottom.

I have no idea what this is, but I found it walking along the black-sand bottom near some volcanic vents.


This large scorpionfish was blending in very well with his surroundings.

clownfish and anemomae

This clownfish was resting comfortably in the arms of a purple anemone.


The waters around Komodo are teaming with nudibranchs. The name nudibranch means “naked lung” and refers to the fact that this species of mollusk keeps it’s gills on the outside of the body. They are those feather like structures in the mid-body area.

school colors

Not at all sure what this is, if you know please tell me in the comments section. I took the picture because the colors were so vivid and the vertical lines of the coral set off the pattern of the spots on the fish. Also the colors are my school colors, more or less. UVa if you’re curios, and why would you be really?


This manta and a group of about 8 friends circled around our group until we had to return to the surface. It was a terrific experience.


This frog fish was as big as a basketball and he sat still posing for pictures until I got bored and moved on.


Eels like this green one were a common site in Indonesia.


I believe this is a dog-faced puffer and I chased it all over a wreck to get a good shot. It was the next-to-last dive of the trip and I thought it was a good way to say goodbye.


This cuddlefish changed colors and skin textures so fast it was hard to focus on it. Recently I had an argument with some fellow divers. Cuddlefish are not suppose to be found in the Caribbean, but we are sure we have seen them. Have you?



This a closeup of an anemone, it reminded me of fingerprints. I stole the idea from a picture I saw in a book.


This volcano is on the north east coast of Bali. We dove near this area on a wreck on the last day of diving.


This is a seasonal village on an island to the north and west of Komodo. Indonesians only visit the village a few times a year to tend to their cattle and repair the huts.



It would be nice to say this was the last shot of the trip, but it wasn’t. I took it returning to the Komodo Dancer from the villiage. It however, is the last photo of the album. I hope you liked the photos.