Marker Buoys…Something Every Diver Needs

During the orientation for all of our new Open Water Scuba students I tell them a little about the basic equipment they will need. 

The one safety item I stress to them is a marker buoy.

It is a simple piece of equipment that you can easily carry on every dive.

This 6′ model , when deflated, rolls up small enough to fit into your BCD pocket.  If you ever need to be a little more visible to the dive boat you simply unroll it, blow a couple of breaths of air into  the oral inflator valve and hold it up.

At 6′ tall and bright orange and yellow it can be seen for a great distance across the water.  It is an easy to carry easy to use device that can save you from bobbing around on the surface for a long time waiting on your boat to see you.  Make sure you always have a marker buoy with you.

Hopefully you will never need it however, if you do need it, a marker buoy can save you a lot of float time and in some circumstances it may even save your life.

Products > Marker Tubes > Diver Marker Tube 6’ with Open Bottom & Dump Valve

Diver Marker Tube 6’ with Open Bottom & Dump Valve

Part Number: DMT-50

  • Nylon heat sealed material
  • Dump valve
  • 6’ long
  • Oral snorkel vest inflator
  • Self Sealing – holds air in or out of water
  • Binding taped trim
  • Hook & loop closure
  • Colors: Two tone yellow/orange or neon orange
  • ‘Diver Below’ white letters
  • Stainless steel ‘D’ ring
  • Stainless steel clip
  • Brass inflator with rubber mouthpiece.