New JetPack BCD from Aeris

It’s Much More Than Just a BCD…

This BC turned carry-on saves baggage fees,
protects gear and dives smart! Excess baggage fees for domestic US carriers exceeded $3.5 BILLION in 2012. We all know from ourĀ  personal experience, that while we may have spent thousands of dollars on equipment and the trip of a lifetime, getting hit for $50 excess or $100 overweight baggage fees at every turn is frustrating to say the least. More divers are choosing to leave their gear at home and rent, or they are sacrificing durability and performance with a lightweight, scaled down travel BC.

As the videos below show, the JETPACK transforms from BC to carry-on travel bag. It eliminates baggage fees, protects valuable dive gear and is a customized, full-featured BC for every dive.