The Legend Continues: Aqualung Legend Regulator

New Legend: Lighter, Smaller, Smarter!

Legend LuxTen years ago, Aqua Lung set the standard for performance regulators with the launch of the Legend series, aptly named after the pioneering ocean explorer, and Aqua Lung founder, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau… Now, they’ve done it again.

The new and improved Legend collection features three regulators: The Legend, Legend LX and the brand-new Legend LUX. Each regulator comes with yoke and DIN connectors in either Standard, for optimal performance in water temperatures greater than 50 degrees, or Supreme, for water temperatures below 50 degrees.

 Legend BrochureSlightly smaller and lighter, the new Legend regulators provide improved performance with a modified yoke knob for   better drainage and a spring-loaded Auto Closure Device (ACD) that snaps   shut automatically to prevent water from getting into the device. The  Master Breathing System (MBS) easily controls both the venturi and opening effort automatically and simultaneously, allowing for smoother, more natural breathing.
For photos, videos, and more information of the new Legend click here to view their all new Legend digital brochure.