This Week’s Christmas Special

This week get 15% OFF off all in-stock BCDs including the Aeris Jetpack, which retails for $649.95!  Now’s the time to purchase that Holiday gift!

The Aeris Jetpack

The Jetpack is the ultimate solution for airline carry-on & transport to and from the dive site. It’s a true hybrid, not a bag and more than just a mere BC. We took a long look at what it means to travel with Scuba gear to a destination and realized pretty quickly that it didn’t make sense to take a BC (your heaviest and most bulky piece of equipment) with shoulder straps, and stuff it into a bag – so you could carry it.
By combining a semi-dry day bag with a one size fits all fully adjustable travel BC, we have managed to create a travel system that can carry a complete set of dive gear (regs, computer, fins, suit, etc) and travel amenities (clothing, toiletry kit, computer, etc) easily for multi-day travel, even a week depending on how you pack… all in only one bag.