Are you scheduled to do your dives with us at the Blue Hole in New Mexico? Below is every detail you will need to make your weekend fun and successful!


  • Where is it located?
    The Blue Hole is located in Santa Rosa, New Mexico and there are several routes to take.

Easy Route -

To reach the Blue Hole, take I-25 south past Las Vegas, New Mexico. Approximately 5 miles south of Las Vegas exit on Highway 84 south to Interstate 40. Go east on I-40 to Santa Rosa. It takes approximately 6 to 6 1/2 hours from Denver, depending on weather conditions and number of stops made.


  • What time do I need to be there?
    Divers need to be in the parking lot of the Blue Hole at 8:00 am.


  • How long is each dive day?
    Please plan on being at the Blue Hole each day from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm (approx.). Usually the dive days are done before this, but each group is a little different and timing is based on the group.


  • How much is the Entrance Fee?
    As of January 2018, the weekly permit fee is $20. Please note, this is per person.


  • What should I bring?
    We recommend bringing the following:
    - All SCUBA gear (either owned or rented), consisting of a regulator, BCD, wetsuit, weights & belt, tanks, mask, fins and snorkel
    - Log book
    - Sunscreen/Bug spray
    - Clothes for inclement weather (of course we hope for sunny days, but weather happens).
    - Water
    - Snacks/Lunch
    - Swimsuit/Towel

CLICK HERE for a printable version of the Blue Hole Open Water certification weekend itinerary.