Are you scheduled to do your dives with us at the Homestead Crater in Utah? Below is every detail you will need to make your weekend fun and successful!


  • Where is it located?
    Homestead Crater is located in Midway, Utah and there are several routes to take.

Easy Route -

Go north on I-25 towards Cheyenne, Wyoming. Head west on I-80 (approximately 400 miles) to Highway 40. Take Highway 40 south for approximately 15 miles to Heber City, Utah. Watch for the turn off to Midway and the Crater, just before you reach Heber City. 

Scenic Route -

Take I-70 west to Rifle CO. Then take Hwy. 13 North to Hwy 64. Head Northwest on Hwy 64 to Hwy 40. Continue West on Hwy 40 to Heber City Utah. In Heber City turn left on 100 South and follow the signs to the Homestead Resort, (approximately 7 miles).


  • What time do I need to be there?
    Divers need to be in the parking lot of the Homestead Crater at 7:00 am. We will then meet in the Homestead Crater "activities center" for an orientation.


  • How long is each dive day?
    Please plan on being at the Crater each day from 7:00 am until 1:00 pm (approx.). Usually the dive days are done before this, but each group is a little different and timing is based on the group.


  • How much is the Entrance Fee?
    As of January 2018, the daily entrance fee is $28.00. Please note, this is per day/ per person.


  • What should I bring?
    We recommend bringing the following:
    - All SCUBA gear (either owned or rented), consisting of a regulator, BCD, wetsuit, weights & belt, tanks, mask, fins and snorkel
    - Logbook
    - Warm clothes for when you exit the water
    - Water
    - Snacks/Lunch
    - Swimsuit/Towel

CLICK HERE for a printable version of the Homestead Open Water certification weekend itinerary.