Some of the most spectacular marine life and colorful reef are location within 20 feet of the surface. This is the reason why millions of people snorkel while on a tropical vacation. Colorful coral, sea fans, sponges, turtles and a variety of fish are all within the snorkelers realm. It’s a great way to explore the underwater world when you’re not able to scuba dive or if scuba diving just isn’t your thing.




The course is approximately 2 hours long including a short orientation in the classroom followed by a pool snorkeling experience.


The proper techniques involved with snorkeling in the safety and comfort of our heated indoor pool. You will learn how to:

  • Properly fit, wear, and clear your mask
  • Clear your snorkel using both the blast & displacement method
  • Properly fit and use your fins for maximum propulsion with minimum effort
  • Use airway control to avoid choking and swallowing water
  • Use of a snorkeling vest for flotation and safety
  • Perform a proper tuck dive to get down for a closer look at the reef
  • Equalize the pressure on your ears and relieve the discomfort and pain when diving
  • Safe tips on how to stay under longer and deeper


  • Two hour course with PADI Instructor
  • All equipment necessary
  • 10% discount on all diving equipment purchased during your term as a student (course materials, sale items, and equipment rentals are excluded)

COURSE FEE: $20.00

2018 SNORKEL COURSE DATES: (3:30PM - 5:30PM) 

January 14thMay 13thSeptember 9th
February 11thJune 10thOctober 14th
March 11th July 15thNovember 11th
April 15thAugust 12thDecember 16th

It's fun, easy and will make your snorkeling trip a more pleasurable and rewarding experience!