Akona Maverick Roller Duffel Bag

Akona Maverick Roller Duffel Bag

Part Number:AKB523 Manufacturer: Akona Model: Maverick Color: Black/Blue, N/A Size: One Size

The Maverick is the Rolls Royce of Roller Duffel bags. This bag is an anomaly. How can something so big, so stable, so rock solid, be so light? This beast of a bag offers a massive center compartment with a large U-Shape opening for packing ease. The reinforced corners and coated fabrics were selected with dive travel in mind.

  • Measures (H x L x W) 14" x 31" x 14" with a volume of 6,076 cubic inches
  • Weighs 9 lbs. 6 oz. when empty
  • Telescoping trolley handle

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